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Take the best online bartending course today. In addition to the 25 bartending lessons, you will also learn 200 bar related topics, with over 200 bartending training videos, and 25 bartending quizzes. You will earn bartending badges for each lesson. After you pass all the lessons, simply print or download your bartending certificate. The certificate has a code for bar employers to check that your bartending certificate is valid. Learn 2 earn and join now!

The Learn bartending school is here to save you time and money while teaching you what you need to know to be a professional bartender. Our bartending videos are filmed in a real bar, and as a result, you get a real-world point of view. Learn Bartending at your own pace by watching the videos online. Take the bartending test, and earn your bartending certificate from your own home. In addition to saving you time, you will also save a lot of money yet it will be much easier than a physical bartending school.

Professional Online Bartending School

Learn Bartending School - 25 lessons, 200 topics, 25 quizzes, online bartending certificates, over 200 Bartending Videos

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This professional bartending course will teach you everything you need to know about bartending. You will learn all the popular bartending terms, watch the proper pouring techniques, and learn the opening and closing procedures. We will cover the proper glassware, cleaning methods, preparing garnishes for the shift. You will see the POS Systems in action, responsible alcohol serving, handling cash, as well as the most popular drinks. You will watch a video interview with a real bar owner and what bar owners look for when hiring a bartender. Learn Bartending is the most comprehensive bartending course online today.

Once you have passed the course you can visit the jobs page and we can also help with job placement. If you need bartending tools while practicing at home visit the bartending store.