About LearnBartending

About Learn Bartending

At Learn Bartending, we have combined our online course curriculum with on-the-job training to provide you with a comprehensive and hands-on learning experience that fuses the convienence of online learning with real world hands on training experience.

Students have the opportunity to bartend in an internshift program. This program places them at one of our participating partner bars close to their home, where they will receive on-the-job training and observe the workings of a seasoned bartender. This practical experience is highly valued by bar owners and hiring managers and is the fastest way for someone to get started bartending.

The bar and restaurant industry has faced challenges with regards to the training and retention of staff. Significant time and resources have been invested in the development of new employees, only for them to subsequently depart for other establishments. In recognition of this issue, many establishments have sought our solution and outsourced their training needs to LearnBartending.com

Online & Real World Bartending School Combined

The founder and head instructor, Robbie Flair, brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table, having worked as a professional bartender for over 25 years. He has made a name for himself in the industry, appearing on notable shows such as "The Dr. Oz Show" and "Food Network," as well as being recently featured on "Barstool Sports." With his extensive expertise and passion for bartending, he is committed to sharing his knowledge and imparting skills to aspiring bartenders, ensuring the continued growth and success of the industry. This professional bartending school is designed to provide comprehensive training and support to individuals seeking careers in bartending.

Since 2000 we have taught thousands of new bartenders to learn to earn at LearnBartending.com

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