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The Next Gen Bartending School Not Your Average Bartending School!

At Learn Bartending We Provide Online Learning & Instructor-led training with real-world experience

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This course is for anyone that has the intent to learn bartending. This online bartending course is free to take, just sign up and start learning.

Take each course lesson and then a quiz at the end of each lesson. Pass the quiz with an 80% or better. At the end you will earn a certificate of course completion.

Additionally you can do an intern shift where we place you at a real bar close to your house with one of our participating partner bars where you will do on the job training. Often times bar owners and hiring managers want to hire bartenders with experience.  This on the job training is how you earn that experience.

We’ve combined online learning, with instructor-led training, and then give you real-world experience. You learn by bartending on the job with other more experienced bartenders.

Call or text us toll free at 833-711-2500 – and learn how we will bring the bartending school to you and help jump start your bartending career.


Start Bartending in 3 easy steps

Take the online bartending courses.

Join our site for free and start taking the online courses. These courses explain everything you need to understand in order to apply for a bartending job. We teach you everything from opening a bar thru closing a bar. You will learn step by step what a bar owner or hiring manager expects from a bartender. We start with opening the bar, stocking the coolers, preparing the ice, getting ready for the crowd. We show you how to mix the drinks, ring in the orders, all the way to closing the bar down. The Training will show you how to make the bar ready for the next shift, hence we say Nothing is left out! We even show you how to properly tie the garbage bag on the “slim jim” and my personal favorite topic – the dump bucket. I mean seriously a ton of great content where we cover it all!

Bartending Bootcamp Instructor Led Training

Click here and Sign up for the bartending Bootcamp. This is 16 hrs of instructor-led hands-on training. Now that you have the basic concepts under your belt, from taking the online courses, it’s time to start learning from your instructor and get a hands-on point of view of the bar. This will help you really understand what you’ve recently learned from the online bartending courses. Once you have ordered the bootcamp a learnbartending representative will contact you to confirm the dates that work for you. This is how you get your foot in the door, make valuable industry connections and some of our students event get job offers!

Intern Shift – Bartend at a real bar

Now that you completed all the lessons, and have done your instructor-led training, it’s time to get behind a real bar – where you will be serving real drinks to real customers earning real tips. Don’t worry your instructor will be by your side assisting you every step of the way.  See when you apply for a job, one of the questions you are likely to hear is “Do you have any previous bartending experience?” prior to now, your answer would have been no, but now you can answer with confidence – “YES I DO have bartending experience”

Online & Real World Bartending School Combined

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Robbie Flair been a professional bartender for over 25 years, he’s been on the Dr Oz show, Food Network, and recently featured on barstool sports.

This professional bartending school is for YOU. We share his bartending knowledge with YOU, and the next generation of bartenders.

We have taught Online Bartending Classes & Real world training for over 19 Years

Since 2000 we have taught over 13000 people how to learn bartending. We are here for you, and our goal of sharing this course with you, so that you can get a part time or full time job bartending is our passion.

Bars don’t want to train a person for 2 weeks and have that person quit a week later.  Due to the fact that training is costly to bars. They want people who understand the basics and can bring value to their business on day 1. As a result, they want to hire people with the bartending knowledge and experience that we can give you.