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Bartending School Lesson – Bar fights

So let me start off by saying bar fights “they are going to happen…” with that said it doesn’t happen that often, but when it does happen – knowing what to do, and how to handle the situation is key for you, other staff members, and the customers.  Take for example the bartender in this video, doing her job giving the customers a great experience when another customer assaults her by spanking her (this is grounds for removal from the bar) There is no place for someone without consent to put their hands on you or a customer.

When shit happens, we all lose our cool – but keeping your cool is exactly what you need to do. The right way to handle the situation would have been to call a bouncer or another staff member/manager to have the person removed from the bar.  Next, because cell phone use is very common in today’s world – this was great documentation (but for who) Did the bartender assault the customer or did the customer assault the bartender. The customer might argue the bartender used excessive force and did not follow bar protocol by not calling the bouncer first, potentially creating a legal issue for the bar.

It’s best to steer clear of any issues by calling for help and letting the bouncers do their job and escort the offending customer out the door. If bouncers are not available at your bar, call the local police.

  1. Call for help
  2. Document the incident
  3. Get witnesses

In this video, we talk to bar owner Steve McAdams of the Harry Buffalo to see how to handle incidents.

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