Bartending school help

Bartending School Help

Here you will find Bartending School Help and the most frequenly asked questions people like you have about bartending schools.

Are the courses really FREE?

Yes, learn 2 earn and then if you want to get your foot in the door and have a great shot at getting a bartending job consider signing up for a hands-on instructor-led bartending bootcamp with an intern shift. You will do an opening and closing shift and then you will bartend a friends and family night where you serve real drinks to real customers earning real tip$

Do I need a bartending certificate?

You can earn your alcohol seller server certificate here. This is a must have for anyone wanting to get hired quickly. When asked if you need this? – we always say 2 people show up for 1 bartending job, 1 has their alcohol seller server permit and 1 does NOT – the 1 with it is getting hired! It’s just what employers want you to have.

There is no such thing as a bartending certificate where you have to be able to mix certain drinks in a certain amount of time. Through a bartending interview it will be very clear whether or not you know the terms and can display the basic concepts of bartending and what is expected from opening to closing procedures.  All this information pertaining to the on the job duties can be learned in our online courses.

Are the courses hard?

It’s not hard, but it is thorough – meaning there are lessons, and each lesson has approx 10 topics, sometimes less, sometimes more. There is a combination of text, images, and video for each lesson. After you’ve gone thru the lesson material, there is a lesson quiz, you need to pass all the lesson quizzes with 80% or better in order for us to place you as an intern. This suggests to the potential employer that you know what to do and when.

Do you show how to make popular drinks?

Yes, we show you how to make the most popular drinks that are current and relevant for today, not what was cool 20 years ago, although some drinks are classics and are still very much in style.  We cover all the most popular drinks for every occasion and you can view them being crafted at your convenience.

During the POS training you will learn how many drink recipes are in the computer and displayed at the time of sale to assist you in knowing how to prepare the drink, so while drink knowledge helps, it will develop over time with repetition, and make you a faster bartender that is ideal for high volume bars where customer satisfaction depends on good drinks served quickly. If you have any question feel free to contact us for bartending school support, we are always happy to help.

How old do I need to be to bartend?

It depends on your state, check this page to see a list of states and ages. Your States Legal Bartending Age

How does the course work?

They are broken into related courses, with over 200 videos, text, images, & examples showing you everything you need to know about bartending. Complete the online course at your own pace by watching the videos, and see the bartending bootcamp page for instructor-led, hands-on training.

How do I get started?

Simply join, you must create an account first. Next go to courses,  hover over the course(s) you want and then preview, after you preview, click “get course” this will add it to your cart and you can go to cart or go back to courses and add additional courses. Once you have all the courses you can click go to cart and checkout.

All you have to do is join FREE.

Can you take bartending classes online?

Yes, We have been teaching online since 2000. Learn to talk the talk, and then of course you need to back it up by being able to walk the walk, and by that we mean you do need to practice on your own, and then we highly suggest doing one of the internships because often times in any business it’s about getting your foot in the door and then making those bar industry connections.

Can you become a bartender with no experience?

Of course, we all start with no experience. Our bartending program gives you that experience. When you work an internship you are gaining experience and you can put that on your resume. Bartending is more than mixing cocktails, we cover it all in our online bartending courses. Join and watch the videos in each lesson – it’s like you are in the bar, and everything is explained.

What is the best online bartending school? is the best online bartending school. We combine online learning with real world training giving you the much sought after bartending experience that everyone wants.

How much does it cost to get your bartending license?

There is no such thing as a bartending license. There is T.I.P.S certification, which we offer, and many bars and restaurants want you to have this. It tells them you are a safe server. They don’t want you over serving customers and then ending up on the news because someone left their bar got into an accident. They don’t want to hire irresponsible people.  If you continue to serve someone who is highly intoxicated resulting in them getting into an accident and god forbid anyone gets hurt or killed, you and the bar can be held accountable. It’s serious business and don’t be the reasons good times go bad. Get certified and be informed. This instantly tells employers you are serious and know what’s up. We can’t stress the importance of this enough.

How long does it take to get bartender license?

You can finish our online courses in a few hours, the TIPS certificate in a few more, and then do your real world training 8 opening hour shift, 8 closing hour shift, 4 – 8 hr friend and family event – about 20-30 hrs of online and real world training. Always be practicing though, we can all improve and feel free to contact us if you need additional bartending school help.

How much are bartending courses?

The courses are FREE. The internships and pricing can be found in our store.

What are the basic drinks a bartender should know?

Those can be found here Click the curriculum tab or use the contact form below for additional bartending school help.