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bartending school bar glassware handling & care

In bartending school bar glassware handling & care is very important.

Bar glassware handling & care styles and varieties will always fluctuate depending on the type of establishment you are bartending in.

For example, a classic speakeasy-style bar may have more antique style glasses for cocktails where as a high volume dance club or party bar may only use plastic cups.

In addition to styles the variety of glassware may be more at a high end establishment then at a neighborhood bar or smaller type of bar.

Many bars simply don’t have the budget for fancy glassware as well as a large variety of styles of glasses.

The following are glasses and cups that you may come across during your bartending tenure. It is important that you are meticulous with bar glassware handling and care paying attention to smudges towel lint soap and water stains and even to where you place your fingers when grabbing the glass. No guest wants to see your fingers touching the upperside of a glass (rim) where they may put their mouth to drink.

After washing and rinsing glasses always let them air dry on a clean corrugated surface. Never towel dry a glass. Also use a linen napkin or cloth if you are going to polish glassware.

And lastly if your glasses are to be stacked make sure they are completely dry otherwise the moisture will leave ring marks on the glasses. Here are the drinking vessels you need to be familiar with.

bar glassware handling & care

  • Learn traditional bar glassware
  • Discover unique bar glassware
  • Proper glass icing techniques
  • How to tell a glass is Beer Glass clean

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A popular glassware option is Libbey Many foodservice suppliers such as Sysco Foods supply these options to bars and restaurants.

  • Achieve silky smooth consistent drinks.
  • Build with confidence and style
  • Don’t fear the blender, it’s your friend
  • Shake it don’t fake it.
  • Proper ice amounts always helps.
  • Stirring is an art form you can easily master.

Who is the target audience?

New and existing bartenders that may want a refresher course

Lesson 7 - Glassware

Knowing Your Glassware
5 Minutes
Additional Glasses
5 Minutes
Professional handling and icing the glasses
5 Minutes
Beer Clean Glass
5 Minutes
Bar Glassware – Quiz
6 questions
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