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Do I need to be certified to be a bartender

The short answer is no you do not need to be a certified bartender to bartend in most states. However, there are many different levels of being a bartender and different states have different requirements.  From pint-puller to high-end craft cocktail mixologist. So with that said let’s break this down. Just so you know – there is no such thing as a bartender license, so… don’t walk into a job interview squawking about how you have your bartending license. You will instantly lose credibility.

Bartending Laws By State

First, you are going to want to check how old you need to be to bartend in your state. You can see these bartending ages broken down by the state on our https://learnbartending.com/faqs/legal-bartending-age/

*** We will say that most states don’t require a certificate but there are states that do require some type of training that is focused on serving alcohol responsibly. You will want to get this training if the state requires it prior to applying for a job. We offer one of the most popular responsible training programs and you can take it online TIPS TRAINING


New Hampshire
New Jersey
New Mexico
Rhode Island

Now just because a state doesn’t require it, doesn’t mean an employer doesn’t want it, so our thought is if you are serious about getting a high paying job bartending, then you will want to take the time to understand that employers consider this a good thing. If they have 2 candidates one with the responsible alcohol server training and one without both, were strong candidates the employer would hire the candidate with the training. So give yourself the competitive edge and get the TIPS or similar training.


Bars Want Experienced Bartenders – HOW?

So this is the age old question of how do I get experience bartending if no one will give me a chance? Right so often time the trick is to get your foot in the door with server or bar backing experience and move your way up to higher paying bartending role. If you can’t get in, we strongly suggest taking our online course with externship – where you can get 40 hours of real world experience so that your next interview will allow you to say as a matter of fact I do have experience bartending I just completed my 40-hour externship thru LearnBartending.com. This is the case with every employer for any job, experience trumps book knowledge. Our motto is “learn to earn” and there is no better way to learn than getting behind a real bar serving real customers. Our externship has guaranteed job placement, so you will get experience.

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