Partner Internship Agreement

Partner Internship Agreement


This Agreement establishes a basis for mutual understanding between and the submitted form Partner Bar in the implementation of the Internship Education Concept with, recognizing its benefits to the Student, Partner Bar and as joint partners in this relationship.

The relationship does not extend beyond the 12-40 hours of work experience generated by these terms & conditions, and upon the completion, ending or otherwise termination of the internship with the end the relationship between the parties with regard to the particular student identified in these terms & conditions.

Summary of the Services/Goals of the LearnBartending Internship


  • Overall Emerson into the Bar Environment
  • Learn how to work in Bar, from opening, closing, day to day operations and other related activities
  • Customer Service/Hospitality
  • 12-40 hours of hands-on experience working in Bar, obtaining practical skills relevant to the job(partner bar and student discretion)


Internship Goals 

  1. Acquire familiarity with how to work in Bar, and with the hospitality industry
  2. Develop an understanding of how to be a bartender.
  3. Develop professional and practical skills as a bartender
  4. Allow the Student to obtain a practical, hands-on, certification working in the bar.


LearnBartending Agrees To: 

  1. Provide qualified students who completed the online program for referral to work experience opportunities identified by the cooperating Partner Bar.


  1. Provide qualified students with access to Internship work experience and opportunities in the Partner Bar.


  1. Provide Partner Bars with appropriate personal and academic information on qualified student applicants, upon written authorization by the student.


  1. Provide the Partner Bar with access to students, and allow Partner Bar ease of access to facilitate and coordinate the interview process as a service to both the student and employer.


  1. Award credit to participating students who have met the academic requirements of their program and receive their practical certification.


  1. Inform students and employers of any actions which affect student-employer relations


Role of the Partner Bar

As a partner bar, you a creating a slot/practical working environment for a student. You will be paid for providing a slot to a student.   You will be responsible for interviewing prospective student as if the student were applying to your bar as a regular employee. does not pre-qualify any student prior to attending an internship.


Partner Bar Agrees To: 

  1. Inform of Internship Education of all work experience opportunities which have Internship Education potential.


  1. Consider for employment all qualified students prescreened and recommended by


  1. Participate with the faculty supervisor in the coordination of the student’s work experience activities and scheduling.


  1. Provide the student with an orientation to the work setting upon initiation of each new internship work experience, as appropriate.


  1. Provide the student with meaningful work assignments which, within the confines of employer needs and timetables, will enhance and complement the student’s practical program at


  1. Assist the student in the development of specific learning objectives which coincide with the student’s career goals and program.


  1. Provide students to the extent possible, an overview of all applicable aspects of the industry including organization and management structure, technical and production processes, and major industry, labor, health, environmental, and community issues impacting the business.


  1. Evaluate the student’s work performance at least once during each internship work experience period. Discuss the evaluation with the student and complete the internship evaluation forms.


  1. Handle all personnel processing matters related to the student’s employment.


  1. Notify the of any personnel actions taken which may affect the student’s standing in Internship Education.


  1. Whenever possible, and if applicable, pay the student a wage or salary commensurate with the student’s responsibilities, education, experience level and career field.


  1. Provide safe and healthful working conditions for the student and hold the College harmless for any injury, illness or damages resulting directly or indirectly from the student’s employment activities.


  1. Encourage the student to complete his or her academic program at the College.


Services to be Provided by the Student Intern


  1. Enroll in the appropriate Internship course, with a Partner Bar, upon accepting placement.


  1. Attend the initial internship orientation meeting as required by the Partner Bar.


  1. Continue enrollment and maintain all required internship programming and requirements.


  1. Maintain solid, constant work ethic and rapport with Partner Bar.


  1. Identify and write specific work performance and learning objectives relating the internship work experience and maintain for your records.


  1. Participate in activities designed to provide an overview of all applicable aspects of the industry.


  1. Prepare a final 1-page paper summarizing the work experience, and learning objections obtained through the internship.


  1. Participate in the student/employer evaluation process.


  1. Turn in a workbook and all other assignments, if required, by Partner Bar.


  1. Approach responsibility to the employer and LearnBartending with dedication, enthusiasm, and maturity


Work-hours Commitment

 Provide a statement of commitment of hours to the organization/agency that includes the following:

  1. A list the total hours of commitment.
  2. A start and end date (generally, this will be from the start of 1 Week 2 through the end of the internship).
  3. Provide a flexible work schedule for both Partner Bar and Student.
  4. If applicable, make note of any breaks (such as holidays) in the work schedule.
  5. If the internship necessarily ends early this section, the Student shall contact to discuss any potential options, if applicable to complete hours.
  6. Discuss how missed hours (due to illness or otherwise) are to be made-up.
  7. Make sure that time is allotted for the work schedule.


Payment methods and duration.


Ideally, will digitally pay partners thru online digital payments method i.e. PayPal, Venmo. If the partner does not have digital payment method a paper check or eft payment can be arranged, however, this may cause delays in payment as we need to use legacy U.S Postal mail for payment.

Payments are issued once a month at the end of the month for the previous month’s students internships.

The student intern agrees to abide by ethical and professional guidelines set down by the agency, especially respecting confidential agency and clientele information. 

We agree to abide by the terms of this contract.  Any major modifications will be in writing and agreed to by all parties.

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