Bartending Tools – Tin Play 6 in 1 bar tools

Flair Bartending

Bartending tools made easy, Not often does something this cool come around, watch as Robbie test drives some of his good buddy Jeremy Leblanc’s revolutionary bar tools  “TinPlay” – you can pick these up in our shop. The flair waterfall pour has never been so easy. So easy to do… even I mastered the waterfall pour and looked like a pro within minutes of using the TinPlay bartending tools.

Basically TinPlay is a 6 in one bartender tool set – it can replace

  1. Mixing tin
  2. Shaker tin
  3. Muddler
  4. Bottle Opener
  5. Jigger
  6. Strainer


Get yours today

and see how easy you can create great cocktails, complicated trick pours have never been so easy.

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