Top 3 reasons bartending is the perfect summer job

bartending summer job


Is bartending the summer job for you?

You could flip burgers or cut grass, maybe even sell Rodan and fields, but if you are really looking to make some great cash and have a lot of fun, then bartending is the summer job for you. Here are the top 3 reasons you should bartend this summer.

Meet new and exciting people

Let’s face it people from all walks of life head to their local watering hole to relax and mingle with others. I’ve met just about 1 person from every profession, and they all have something new and exciting to talk about. So you just never know who or when the next person you talk to will become a valuable contact for you down the road, financial planner, lawyers, doctors,  Some of my customers have gotten me on tv shows, helped with my financial planning and even helped me lose weight and booked celebrity gigs for me to bartend at, so if you would prefer to meet new and exciting people over say some boring desk job or riding a lawnmower for 12 hours a day learn bartending and make some new friends.

Flexible hours and shifts

This one is one of my favorite reasons for bartending, if my plans change, I can simply request another bartender to switch shifts with me, most of the time there is always another bartender looking to make a few more bucks.  Don’t be chained to your desk all summer long, be free to do what you want when you want. If all your friends decide to go to the beach Monday afternoon chances are you worked at least a Friday or Saturday night and can go on Monday. If you are hardcore about making money, then you will want to be working the busy weekends and holidays, there’s always some event or summer festival going on and bartenders are in high demand.  You control how little or much you want to work/earn.


Whether you are doing this part time or full, you will quickly see the money is amazing. If you are working behind the bar or bartending an event outside, the number of people will come and go, and the money will follow and flow. People love to get their drink on in the summertime, and it’s one of the best times to stack that paper and cash in on the summer vibes.  So quit clowning around, Learn Bartending & Make that money!

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