Bar Blades

bartending school lesson bar blades

Why use a bar blades?

As a bartender the bar blades are one of the most important tools of our trade. Experienced bartenders know the bar blade is one of the most important tools you must have on you for your bartending shift. Bar blades come in many different shapes and sizes. The main purpose of the bar blade is opening beer bottles. While domestic beers have twist off tops you will have a sore hand at the end of the night if you attempt to open them by hand.

Alternatives of using a bar blade

There will come a time where you set it down, or someone is using it, so most bars have a bottle opener on the side of the cooler you can use to get the job done. Or use your hand to twist the top off. If it’s not a twist off you will have to wait to get your blade back or go to the bottle opener.
alternative to bar blades

Opening multiple bottles at once

In the video below you will see Robbie open more than one bottle at a time. If you work in a high volume nightclub you will be doing this quite often. Typically a bartender earns one dollar tip per beer served, so serving 3 beers at once means 3 dollar tips. You will want to become good with your bar blade. The more tops you pop the more tips you make!

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